SAFE IC stands for the “Stabilization Assistance & Follow-Up Enhancement Intervention Committee.” It is a multidisciplinary team that meets to identify, assess, and respond to behavior that may pose a threat of harm to ý students, employees, and invitees, thereby encouraging an environment of increased safety. SAFE ýis designed to provide a coordinated referral system, a detailed behavioral assessment process, an internal communications structure, an intentional intervention strategy, and a comprehensive monitoring system to allow for follow-up and support.

SAFE ýProcess & Policies

Case referrals to SAFE ýare made in the following manner:

  • Referral from ýFaculty / Staff / Students
  • Referral from Colleagues / Friends / Family
  • SAFE ýReferral Form
  • Contact with a SAFE ýmember

Make a SAFE ýReferral

In Emergencies:

  • Dial 911
  • Contact ýDepartment of Public Safety | 217.245.3111
  • Contact Memorial Mobile Crisis Response | 217.788.7070

Team Membership
The membership of SAFE ýwill include a representative from the following campus departments:

  • SAFE ýCase Manager (faculty, staff or student issues)
  • Dean of Students (for faculty, staff or student issues)
  • Associate Dean of Students and Executive Director of Residential Life and Campus Safety (for faculty, staff or student issues)
  • Associate Provost and Director of the Center for Academic Excellence (for student issues)
  • Athletic Director (for student issues)
  • Chesley Health & Wellness Center (for student issues)
  • Administrative Coordinator for Student Success (for student issues)
  • Dean of Faculty (as needed for faculty issues)
  • Human Resources (as needed for staff issues)
  • Title IX Coordinator (as needed)
  • Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (as needed)
  • Coordinator of Disability Resources (as needed)